A N G U S   B U L L S   F O R   S A L E
Last Updated 9/07/18
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Ranch located at FM 2554 & CR 2115, Ivanhoe, Texas
For more information contact: 
Ron Northcutt
(903) 227-1117 
or email: 

R&L Farms' 
Angus Bulls For Sale
R&L Rampage 0A36-1917 
     Sire: Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36
     Maternal Grand Sire: G A R Yield Grade
     Birth Date: 9/22/17    Birth Weight: 65 lbs.
     Adjusted Weaning Weight: 720 lbs.
     Registry Number: 18924250
Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36 -- sire of 1917
R&L FATE 2800-4117 
     Sire: Sydgen FATE 2800
     Maternal Grand Sire: Connealy Black Granite
     Birth Date: 9/13/17    Birth Weight: 54 lbs.
     Adjusted Weaning Weight: 646 lbs.
     Registry Number: 18924040
Sydgen FATE 2800 -- sire of 4117
R&L Black Granite 715-2517
     Sire: R&L Black Granite 133-715
     Maternal Grand Sire: Sydgen 1407 Corona 2016
     Birth Date: 10/09/17    Birth Weight: 62 lbs.
     Adjusted Weaning Weight: 698 lbs.
     Registry Number: 18922580
R&L Black Granite 715-1817
     Sire: R&L Black Granite 133-715
     Maternal Grand Sire: TC Total 410
     Birth Date: 10/29/17    Birth Weight: 68 lbs.
     Adjusted Weaning Weight: 688 lbs.
     Registry Number: 18922582
Connealy Black Granite -- 
paternal grandsire of 1817 and 2517
R&L Ten XLT 344-3817
     Sire: Connealy XLT
     Maternal Grand Sire: Connealy Final Solution
     Birth Date: 9/20/17    Birth Weight: 63 lbs.
     Adjusted Weaning Weight: 656 lbs.
     Registry Number: 18924313
A A R Ten X 7008 S A -- 
paternal grand sire of 3817
R&L Future Force Z77-3618
     Sire: Yon Future Force Z77
     Maternal Grand Sire: Connealy Impression
     Birth Date: 1/21/18    Birth Weight: 70 lbs.
     Adjusted Weaning Weight: 675 lbs.
     Registry Number: 19076298

Yon Future Force Z77 -- sire of 3618